Buy a house in Tenerife

Buying a house in Tenerife is the dream of many people. Every year, thousands of Europeans decide to go and live in Tenerife and maybe even to buy a house in the island of the eternal spring. Fo sure it’s not easy to change your life in a day, an adaptability and being “open” to the new situation is needed.

Before buying a house in Tenerife we must be very careful with liens or mortgages over the property. For this reason, it is better to trust expert and reliable people in the area. Many of the houses for sale in Tenerife are offered directly by banks, so there are no hanging over them mortgages or liens or other charges.

Soon we will list all the documents needed to buy a house in Tenerife and some trusted estate agents on the island. For those who dream of going to live in the Canary Islands there is always the cheaper option of renting an apartment, a studio, a flat or villa.

Comprar una casa en Tenerife


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