The weather in Tenerife

The warm and mild weather of Tenerife makes it one of the best climates in the world. The average temperature is 18° in winter and 25° with a peak of over 30° in summer, making this island the perfect holiday destination for tourists.

The sea temperature is rarely below 18° in winter and reaches 24° during the summer months. As we can see, the weather is a key component of tourism all year in the Canaries. But even if Tenerife has a constant nice weather, we must not forget that in the Mount Teide may snow every year in the case of rainfalls from the north. In fact, it is said that Tenerife has nearly one hundred microclimates, and is not easy to predict the weather on the island, although most days of the year are sunny and warm.

El tiempo en Tenerife

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  1. April 21, 2020

    […] pocos sitios en el mundo como Tenerife. Con una climatología primaveral durante los 365 días del año, gracias a lo variado de su naturaleza es ideal para […]

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