Sports and fun in Tenerife

There are countless activities and sports that you can do in Tenerife. Being an island, many of them have to do with the sea and water, ranging from scuba diving to sports such as jet ski, canoeing and numerous water games pulled by speedboats, such as bananas, parascending, water skiing and many other hilarious games.

We can also do jogging and biking in the beautiful streets with trees and palms around the main beaches, hiking in inland areas, the most charming of the island, play golf in fields very well maintained and much more.

But without any doubt and although is not an activity or sport for everyone, the most fascinating symbol of Tenerife is the surf and windsurf or kitesurf, which is for many residents a passion such as soccer for the rest of Spain .
In short, even if we are on an island that inspires calm and relaxation, you can do many activities, have fun and keep fit.

Actividades en Tenerife

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