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Forestal Park, adventure in Tenerife

Forestal Park is the first adventure park in Tenerife and the largest of the Canary Islands as well as one of the main places to visit during a trip or a vacation in the island. It is suitable for everyone, whether children or adults. Who has never been to an adventure park can’t understand the beauty and adrenaline that a place of this nature can offer. There are paths of all types, from lowest levels and easier for children and families, to more difficult for adults and more courageous. The park is located in a beautiful forest that contrasts with the arid landscape of the coast. Forestal Park is located on the road from Teide to the cities of La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the TF24. Forestal Park is a wonderful worthy experience for its scenery, nature and the fun it offers. Sport and adrenaline together, the higher areas have 18 meters, but they are very safe with 2 safety hooks. In Forestal Park you will discover one of the longest zip lines in the world, 200 meters long !!

Forestal Park is located in Las Lagunetas, in the municipality of El Rosario, the heart of the forest park of Teide at 1380 meters of altitude.

Forestal Park Tenerife
Ctra. TF-24, Km 16, nº 120, de Las Lagunetas

+34 902 09 14 71

For info and reservations you can send an e-mail or fill out this form:

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