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FlyBoard Tenerife, come fly with me!

FlyBoard Tenerife is an exciting new aerial-watercraft in the Canary Islands, a hybrid between a water scooter and a jet-pack that allows you to literally “fly” over the water up to 5 meters high and 3 meters immerse in total freedom to move in the coast of the islands.

FlyBoard Tenerife comes as a revolutionary accessory to meet a new sport, a water propelled flying machine capable of performing amazing aerial tricks and dives. Together with a standard watercraft as energy source, this incredible machine will allow us to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean as we have never seen before. In Tenerife you can discover it by yourself in the Puerto Colón of Adeje every day from 10:00 to 16:30h, by booking online and getting a 15% discount or calling the number (+34) 636 896 260.

FlyBoard Tenerife

Flyboard Tenerife S.L. is the company in charge of making this new activity available to you. This is because they offer freedom to fly with ease, providing a perfect balance with water propulsion to have fun to the fullest.

As you might expect and being an island, Tenerife has a lot to offer in terms of water sports. The crystal clear waters make the island an ideal place for this type of activity. But, most importantly, it is located in a perfect geographical environment. As a result, there is a common practice of these sports thanks to its climate and location.

Moreover, there are many other forms of Sports and fun in Tenerife that you can enjoy. However, most of them have to do with the sea and water as it is an island, from diving to other water sports such as jet skis, canoeing and various water games towed by speedboats such as banana boats, paragliding and water skiing, for instance.

In conclusion and in other words, there is no chance to get bored in Tenerife 🙂

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