Jetovator in Tenerife, come fly with me!

Jetovator, an exciting new aerial-watercraft has come to the Canary Islands, a hybrid between water scooter and jet-pack that allows you to literally “fly” over the water to 9 meters high and 3 meters immerse in total freedom to move in the coast of the islands.

Jetovator comes as a revolutionary accessory to meet a new sport, a water propelled flying bike capable of performing aerial tricks, and dives. Together with a standard watercraft as energy source, this incredible machine will allow us to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean as we have never seen before. In Tenerife you can discover it by yourself in the Marina Sur of Las Galletas every day from 11:00 to 18:00h, reserving to the number +34 608 706 650

From California comes to Tenerife and Spain thanks to the company Waterflysport, which is responsible for distributing the innovative Jetovator and other brand products like FREEDOM FLYER, a model specially designed for disabled people that offers the freedom to fly easily, thanks to a comfortable position while sitting, very similar to the handling of wheelchairs controls and providing a perfect balance for these users, or SHRED SLED, a surfboard with aquatic propulsion where the user can ride the wave like a surfer leaning on table on his/her knees.

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