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Papas arrugadas con mojo

Being in Tenerife you have to try the popular snap Papas arrugadas. It is known from the Canary Islands recipe, but rather a way of cooking potatoes. It involves cooking potatoes in the shell in a heavily salted water, in the past they used to cook in the sea water. Today, sea water can be replaced with tap water and the best is to use the sea salt.

Potatoes served with delicious sauces: red (mojo rojo) and green (mojo verde). Here is a recipe for wrinkled potatoes, and both salsas.


1 kg small potatoes (preferably young)

250 g of sea salt (can be normal salt)

Potatoes do not peel only wash thoroughly.

Put in a pot, just cover with cold water and add the sea salt. Boil the potatoes untill just cooked throught, about 20 minutes. Add water if to much evaporates. Pour off the water and rest the potatoes on the stove on a very low heat untill all water has evaporeted and the potatoes are covered in a layer of sea salt. To give a better taste you can cook potatoes with a slice of lemon 🙂

Red mojo sauce:

100 g red pepper

2 clove garlic

teaspoon cumin, ground

a little oregano, thyme

1 teaspoon smoked, red pepper powder

50 ml olive oil

20 ml vinegar

pinch of salt

A method of preparing:

Red peppers boy in the oven, peel skin, remove the seeds. Put garlic, paprika, salt, oregano, thyme, cumin, pepper in a mixer, pour the olive oil and mix everything together. Add vinegar, stir gently and put in the fridge.

Green mojo sauce:

20 g of coriander leaves and 10 g 10 g coriander and parsley

level teaspoon cumin, ground

1 small clove garlic (not 2 like the picture on the right)

20 ml olive oil

8 ml wine vinegar

pinch of salt

A method of preparing:

A blender, in addition to vinegar, put all the ingredients and mix. Then add the vinegar and mix well. Put in the fridge.

Sauces are a great accompaniment not only to potatoes but also to meat, fish, and even cheese (queso asado – it is a kind of Canarian snap – the slices of goat cheese baked in olive oil). In turn, the same potatoes can be served as an appetizer or an additive to meat, fish and salads.

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