Tenerife – the island of mountain tours

Tenerife is characterized by mountainous terrain construction, it is perfect place for hiking and those who enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is a lot of volcanoes. mountain ranges, gorges, cliffs and volcanic rocks. Here is a small list of the most famous and beautiful mountains in the island.

  • Teide – Pico del Teide is a volcanic mountain and the highest spot in Spain which is 3718 m above the sea level. At an altitude of 2000 m above the sea level there are plains called  Cañadas which have been shaped by the activity of the volcano. Here you can admire the unusual vegetation, spectacular rocks formed by lava and a truly lunar landscape. To the volcano ryou can get with a line (Teleferico), which reaches a height spot of 3555 m to the La Rambleta. You should get before a special permission for acces to Mount Teide. The permit is free and can be obtained from the Administration of the Teide National Park by completing the online application www.reservasparquesnacionales.es.

From El Teide in good weather you can see the other Canary Islands emerging from a sea of clouds. National Park El Teide can be reached by bus, but the best solution is to go by car. It is worth mentioning that currently Teide is still considered an active volcano, the last eruption was in 1909 from the El Chinyero vent on the northwestern Santiago rift.

  • Pico Viejo – after the Teide is a second highest spot of Tenerife and the Canary Islands (3135 m above sea level). The volcano is part of the Teide volcanic complex. Its huge crater is approximately of 720 metres in diametr and a lot of tourists say that is even more beutiful than this of Mount Teide. You can only get there by foot, so we advise to prepare comfortable shoes 😉 The interesting fact is that volcano erupt in 1798.
  • Anaga – is geologically the oldest area of Tenerife. Its situated on the north – east of the island. This is the most green part in Tenerife. In Nature Park of Anaga you can see beautiful vegetation. The highest spot of the area is Cruz de Taborno and reaching 1024 m asl. Mountains delight stunning views, gorges and narrow, winding roads. They are situated around the beautiful beach of Playa de Las Teresitas. To go there definitely is the best when is good weather, because when it rains the Anaga mountains sink in clouds and visibility is not good. In sunny weather, the views from the mountains are beautiful, and from the viewpoints you can even see the building Auditorio in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Teno – on this beautiful mountainous terrain at an altitude of 800 m above sea level, there is situated the picturesque village of Masca. You can get there by car, but the road is very narrow, steep and full of serpentine (for good drivers) or by bus (line 355) which is cruising several times a day. Lookouts, among others, Mirador de Cherfe offer amazing views, mountain scenery, gorges and the well-preserved traditional Canarian architecture. However, admiring the views should be aware of the care, the wind sometimes there is very strong.
  • Adeje – massif located in the southern part of the island. The highest spot is the Roque del Conde (1001 m above sea level) and is located in Barranco del Infierno. This is one of the places in Tenerife, which necessarily you must see.

In Tenerife you can also find a lot of smaller mountains for example Montana Roja in El Medano – a small town famous for one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife called La Teijita well as being a meeting place for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Well worth to climb all the mountain (road takes approx. 30-40 minutes) and enjoy the beautiful views from the top. Visible there The sunrise and sunset visible from there are magnificent.

Of course is also worth to see the giant cliffs of Los Gigantes. The giants are are located in a beautiful place in the south – west of Tenerife and they are between 300 and 600 meters high. In this area you can observe dolphins and whales that live in the surrounding waters.

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