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How to buy a holiday home in Tenerife

Comprar vivienda en Tenerife

Enjoying the summer holidays in Tenerife is a real treat. With its beautiful villages, a wild nature, an intense sunshine and the fresh sea breeze. Would not be great to visit it whenever you want? Every day more and more people are being encouraged to invest in holiday homes in Tenerife.

The attractiveness of Tenerife

There are few places in the world like Tenerife. With a spring weather 365 days a year and thanks to the variety of its nature is ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds, and there is always something to do, from mountain hiking to surfing on the beaches. It is especially popular with families for its fantastic theme parks, Siam Park and Aqualand, plus the chance to discover wildlife in Jungle Park and Loro Parque. For calmer people, the island is ideal for biking, boating, horse riding or diving. It has a large number of stunning beaches to visit.

Step-by-step guide to buy a holiday home in Tenerife

  • Find the right property – even in such an attractive environment as in this island, the location counts. The apartments near the main resorts are a good investment and provide easy access to their facilities, but to find larger family homes, it is advisable to search in the suburbs.
  • Find help – to make the purchase you will need a lawyer to review the contract and supervise the transaction. Also, you need a real estate agent, so we suggest that you ask to friends and acquaintances so you can contact one of confidence.
  • Find out all the costs – when buying a property, people spend all their savings. Remember that you must set aside a part to pay your lawyer, the notary, registration of the property, taxes and any expenses if you incur to redecorate or reform your property.
  • Do not rush – we all know that the buyer always walks in a hurry to have the property, and the seller can take advantage. Take your time and remember that it is an investment for a lifetime, so no rush whatsoever.
  • Secure your vacation property during your absence if you will not occupy it full-time, you need to be extra careful with security. Install an alarm system that meets your needs and build relationships with your neighbors.
  • Consider renting it – unless you think about moving to your vacation home Tenerife after retirement, you should rent or sell it someday. Keep this in mind when redecorating and making structural changes.

The two most common mistakes when buying a holiday house is to overestimate the financial possibilities, and trying to buy too cheap. If you follow the six steps that we have described, the process will be much easier. You will have a second residence at a low cost that you can visit anytime, and enjoy your holidays on a dream island.

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    […] por esta razón que cada año incrementa el número de turistas y personas que desean comprar vivienda en Tenerife. En la isla podemos encontrar playas de arena blanca y playas de arena negra volcánica natural. […]

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