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Restaurants in northern Tenerife

Restaurantes en Tenerife Norte | Restaurants in Northern Tenerife | Ristoranti a Tenerife Nord

5 amazing restaurants in northern Tenerife

Certainly there are many restaurants in the northern part of Tenerife, and I could not tell if these are the best on the island, but for sure they are the favorites of our Facebook fans for variety, originality and service. Preparing a tasty lunch is easy, but not everyone can claim to be remembered with satisfaction by the customer. Here you have our recommendations:

  • El Brasero Del Abuelo

El Brasero Del Abuelo | Restaurants in Northern Tenerife

If you want to enjoy the best local gastronomy, El Brasero Del Abuelo will not disappoint you. In the heart of La Laguna (Manuel de Ossuna street), you can find one of those places worth to visit. Here you can eat very well, and it is recommended especially for those who enjoy traditional Canarian cuisine. One of the most surprising things is the friendliness of its employees, as well as having home delivery!

  • Restaurant Casa Tomás

Casa Tomás en Tenerife

Doesn’t exist person in Tenerife who doesn’t know Casa Tomásand if you are visiting the island, this place is a must. This restaurant is part of the municipal and regional history and is situated at the entrance to El Portezuelo (Tegueste). With a simple atmosphere, the friendly staff proposes the menu with traditional dishes of Canarian cuisine: Beef, chickpeas, escaldón or grilled cheese as well as some specialties of the house. But if you go to Casa Tomas, you’ll do with just one purpose, taste their ribs with potatoes, famous since 1977.

  • Churrasqueria Novillo de Prata

Churrasqueria Novillo De Prata en Tenerife
Do you like
meat? Can you imagine paying just once for all the meat you can eat? If you want something different,
Churrasquería Novillo de Prata is your place. This steakhouse in El Sauzal (founded by ex-employees of El Rodeo in Los Naranjeros), offers a menu based on the popular meat ‘rodizios’ from Brazil and Portugal, preceded by a wide variety of starters with various sauces and garnishes for meat and vegetables. About 10 beef cuts in a long sword, including: including: veal with bacon, sausages, grilled chicken, marinated tenderloin, loin with sweet and sour sauce, pork and cheese, beef with garlic, beef tenderloin, etc. If you have some space left, do not forget to try their desserts and cakes, as well as the drinks they are paid separately but, believe me, it is worth it 🙂

  • Restaurant Tacoa

Restaurant Tacoa @ Tenerife

I don’t know what you think, but I personally feel that this rediscovery of beer, craft or not, is absolutely a good thing, even beyond the new trends. In a little-known corner between Tacoronte and El Sauzal, Tacoa offers many original recipes from the starters to dessert, but the 6 types of beer brewed by them since 2001 made me fall in love with this place. 100% natural and perfect to accompany their meats or salads.

  • Restaurant Mirador San Pedro

Restaurante Mirador de San Pedro en Tenerife

To conclude our journey to the north of Tenerife, we find a place to enjoy a glass of wine, good food and great views. If you want to eat for a reasonable price and good quality in Los Realejos, I have a suggestion for you. Scattered in the island, there are still some picturesque and good places as they were long time ago. The restaurant Mirador San Pedro has good food and good wine, and the best thing is their great value for money!

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